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Small Doctors Office Marketing Tips

As a small business owner, you quickly realize how many hats you have to wear when you’re first starting out. As a physician, you know what you need to do to help patients, but all other aspects of the business might be new to you, especially marketing your small practice to the community, which is why we’ve compiled some helpful marketing tips. Stop worrying about having enough patients because if you follow these tips, your daily schedule will always be full:

1. Be Active Online
We live in a digital age, so if you’re not online, you need to be! Create a professional website with a blog (using keywords so that you come up in searches) and active social media handles. Even if you don’t get on all the popular ones, choose at least one to devote your time and effort to. But just don’t create an online presence and then fall off! You’ll have to be active on it and aim to post at least 5 to 10 posts a week.

2. Community Support
To gain the support from your community, you’ll have to also support them. Sign up for community events so that you can market your practice and the community can see that you care about them. Have a booth with brochures or other marketing things so that you can pass them out at sporting events, festivals and other community events where your practice is located.

3. Have An Open House
Schedule an open house where you invite the community to come in and check out your practice. Go all out and plan a magnificent day with refreshments, prizes and more that will entice all to come. Then invite the community, colleagues and people from other hospitals and clinics.

4. Go The Extra Mile With Patients
As you get more and more patients, go the extra mile to let them know you value their loyalty by sending out special thank you notes, birthday cards or emails. This is a great way to let them feel special and also remind them of check ups or other events/promotions your practice is offering.

5. Have Promotional Materials
Create pens, notepads, magnets or any other promotional materials that you can pass out to patients and to the community with your information and use them in addition to your business cards.

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