Secure Work From Home (WFH) Support

More and more practices in the healthcare industry are being forced to make changes because of Coronavirus prevention measures. Many healthcare service providers find themselves needing to set up work from home policy and procedures for the first time. Yet WFH solutions for the medical industry must also meet security and privacy regulations.   

Let us help put efficient and effective WFH procedures in place and support your staff as they work through this period. 

Compliance Assurance

Having issues with an efficient WFH process or is your technology making it difficult to move your staff to a home environment? Hire PatientCalls now for immediate remote staffing assistance to streamline your workflow and support any call volume increases, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance

Setup in One Day

Your practice needs a quick solution for managing the increased influx in calls during this time. In just a few hours, we can get the system ready to answer, respond, and route phone calls for staff in the office or working remotely.  

Support for all Types of Health Care Service Providers

The process works seamlessly and efficiently, whether your staff is working in the office, on the move, or from home. 

Get Started in 1 Day!

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