30% of calls to dental practices go unanswered. 

just one missed call could equate to thousands of dollars lost per year.

Friendly Black Dentist Explaining Patient Treatment Plan

Yet there is an easy, cost-effective way to make sure that your office doesn’t miss any valuable patient calls.  

Patients get frustrated if they have to remember to call back later or are put on hold for a long time. They have busy days too and don’t always have the patience to wait for a receptionist to return their call. Whether it’s for a dental emergency or just to schedule a cleaning, your patients expect timely assistance. 

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Friendly Black Dentist Explaining Patient Treatment Plan

Increase Patient Satisfaction at Your Dental Practice 

If your dentistry practice wants to increase efficiency, while decreasing costs, consider insourcing some of the dental scheduling and administrative work. PatientCalls can help augment your staff and free them up to focus on other tasks. Our reliable dental office answering service can be customized to meet the needs of your practice: 

  • Dental answering and scheduling services, 
  • Full-time or night/weekend patient call handling, 
  • Holiday and vacation coverage, 
  • 24/7 teletriage and emergency alerts to dentists on-call, 
  • Verification of insurance benefits, 
  • HIPAA compliant, 
  • Spanish and English. 

New and existing patients will appreciate having their questions and appointment requests and issues handled quickly. You can also ensure that patients can call when it’s convenient for them – after-hours and on weekends.

Benefits of Dental Answering Service

By reducing waiting times and ensuring their questions are answered professionally.

Patients can call in at any time and get a response, a dental answering service is always there to assist your patients.

A professional answering service can help to reduce operational costs while enhancing overall efficiency significantly.

A dental answering service can filter and forward emergency calls to dentists or other appropriate personnel.

An answering service can take messages from patients, make detailed notes, and send them to the appropriate personnel at convenient times, streamlining communication within your practice.

Decrease Staffing Challenges 

It can be difficult to find dependable employees with dental experience and who are good at handling patients. Qualified staff is expensive and the hiring and training process can seem never-ending. This is why partnering with a dedicated medical/dental telephone answering service is a smart solution. It alleviates the difficulty of finding , retaining, and budgeting for qualified receptionists. 

PatientCalls is also a reliable service for connecting and assisting staff who are working from home and practices that are trying to reduce office hours. 

Answering Service for a Wide Range of Specialties 

Contact PatientCalls to discuss how our friendly, answering services can assist your orthodontic, oral surgery, otolaryngology, or dental practice.  

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FAQ About Dental Answering Service

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