Acupuncturist Answering Service

Close-Up Of A Smiling Young Woman Receiving Acupuncture Treatment In Spa

Providing therapeutic care and giving each patient the caring attention that they deserve is time-consuming. For acupuncturists who are dedicated to their practice, healing with their hands means having reliable assistance for handling calls.

When you work with PatientCalls, you can expect a warm, professional demeanor from our virtual call center agents.  They are highly trained to be familiar with your acupuncture practice and call management preferences. As a result, each call is handled efficiently and accurately. And patients appreciate getting information and answers to their questions immediately, without having to wait on hold, leave a voicemail, or being directed to send a text message.

Young Woman Receiving Acupuncture Treatment In Spa

Scheduling Service  for Acupuncturists 

PatientCalls knows that interruptions are not an option while you work. Yet, each call from existing or new potential clients requesting appointments is valuable to your practice. Our scheduling services augment your operational capacity, allowing you to concentrate on the quality of care for your patients while we handle and process your incoming calls. 

How Do Medical Answering Service Help Wellness Practices?

  • Don’t miss any important calls while you’re working at the office or making house calls. 
  • Make sure patient calls are answered evenings, weekends, and holidays.  
  • See new appointments, scheduling changes, and follow-up reminders in real-time on your calendar. 
  • Receive timely notifications and call forwarding that fits the needs of your practice. 
  • Free up time to care for more patient and manage your business. 
  • Avoid the expense of hiring a full-time or part-time receptionist.
  • Review call tracking data and customer satisfaction reports. 

You can increase the quality of acupuncture care with the help of a medical answering service. PatientCalls works not only as a physician answering service, but we are also dedicated to wellness practitioners.

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