Quality Control Procedures

At PatientCalls, we believe the overall quality of the phone calls we answer is the absolute backbone of our business. All calls are monitored daily to ensure that all callers receive exceptional service and assistance. Our Quality Assurance staff listens for overall consistency from beginning to the end of the call and ensures that agents assist all callers with a professional and courteous demeanor at all times. 

We listen to calls and provide feedback accordingly to alert the management of situations that need to be addressed immediately. We then organize weekly reports to track success and overall customer/caller satisfaction as well as monitoring for overall efficiency and consistency. Our goal is to ensure that agents are following company procedures and standards.

The following are items our quality control department looks for when analyzing the total quality score of a call:

  • Answer/greeting: Agent must answer calls with a pleasant and professional tone.
  • Are callers correctly identified in the message (specific company, title)?
  • Caller’s demeanor: Caller’s overall response to the agent’s assistance.
  • Considerations: Tone, speech, and appropriate grammar.
  • Are agents taking complete and detailed messages?
  • Did agent paraphrase message and confirm all pertinent message details and accurate spelling?
  • Were agents helpful and courteous with assistance with clear and informative communication?
  • Helpful, courteous, and pleasant closing?
  • The overall quality of the call.

We look and listen for outstanding competence in communication and overall customer satisfaction. We strive to provide attentive, friendly, and respectful customer service for all of our callers, every time.

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