Answering Services for Massage Therapists 

Massage therapists work with their hands so they can’t be answering phone calls at every hour. Plus, unnecessary interruptions spoil the relaxing environment that create for a pleasant client experience. At PatientCalls, we understand the importance of both responding quickly to all incoming patient calls and providing tranquil, uninterrupted care to patients currently in your studio.

Why Should You Rely on a Medical Office Answering Service?

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to answer a question for a new customer, schedule a session for a loyal client, or respond to a last-minute request. And many callers prefer to talk directly with a representative of the massage studio rather than leave voicemails or wait to be called back. Yet, you should be able to put your phone on silent and focus on each client.     

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What are the Advantages of a Massage Therapy Answering Service? 

Your massage practice can provide both continual availability and focused therapy with the help of trained answering service agents. Massage therapist answering service helps your studio to optimize time and operate more efficiently. Additionally, our friendly agents are bilingual, readily able to handle patient calls in both English and Spanish.  

Depending on your needs, the live agents at PatientCalls can: 

  • Answer Calls – never miss valuable calls while you’re with a client or out of the studio; ensure availability after-hours, weekends, holidays, even 24/7.  
  • Schedule Appointments – massage services can be scheduled directly to your calendar platform.    
  • Provide Information – our agents are familiar with your business and can respond to questions in a professional and timely manner. 
  • Forward Calls & Messages – we forward calls according to your preferences and relay messages directly to the appropriate staff member through a secure SMS platform

Use Your Hands for Healing: Leave Call Management to Us 

Our live call center is not just dedicated to medical after-hours answering services, we also support receptionists during high call volume times and handle incoming calls on weekends and holidays.

PatientCalls takes pride in delivering reliable assistance for massage therapy practices. We provide cost-effective, flexible pricing options designed to fit both small, private massage studios and large, busy wellness clinics. Your hands are vital to your business; contact PatientCalls to find out how our solutions could help free them up for valuable massage care. 

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