Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare

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PatientCalls provides specially designed texting software for all its clients in the healthcare industry. PatientNote is an innovative solution for quickly relaying important messages to doctors and staff while also ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

Why is Secure Messaging Important for Healthcare?
  1. Patient Privacy & Data Protection
  2. Improved Patient Engagement
  3. Reduced Communication Errors
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Secure App For Sending Text Messages With Patient Information And Integration Logos

How PatientNote Works

Healthcare professionals can expect this when they use our HIPAA-compliant app designed to deliver text messaging for medical offices and integrated medical answering services.

Medical Text Messaging Hippa Compliant

1. Receive SMS/text message.

Recieve Sms Messages Ffrom Virtual Medical Front Desk

2. Click on the link in the message.

Password Protection

3. Enter password and view notification.

What Makes PatientNote Different?

PatientCalls provides an app that ensures secure text messaging for healthcare.

Avoid Hippa Violations For Text Messaging
  • No ePHI stored on mobile devices.
  • No apps to download or fees to upgrade.
  • No operating system (OS) requirements.
Secure Text Messages For Healthcare
  • Easy to use.
  • Data is encrypted and password-protected.
  • Real-time confirmation of message retrieval.
  • Controlled time access to ePHI.

Communications Fit for Healthcare

We handle each client separately because each office and healthcare network operates differently. PatientCalls acts as a virtual medical receptionist, answering incoming phone calls and forwarding them or relaying messages according to your unique protocol.

Helps Coordinate Healthcare Staff

In order to meet all the logistical requirements and deliver time-sensitive information, PatientCalls created this exclusive technology. PatientNotes allows organizations – from small medical offices to expanded health networks and remote home care services – to coordinate staff and provide optimal patient care.

  • Notifications to on-call staff.
  • Immediate dispatching,
  • ‘Out of the office’ forwarding,
  • Home health care logistics.
  • Relay call to action.
  • Appointment reminders.
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Electronic Medical Record Integration Telephone Answering Service
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Always Secure & HIPAA Compliant Messaging

It’s now possible to send and receive text communications; text messaging for healthcare has evolved with apps designed to protect patient information.

PatientNote is a secure SMS app that connects to the PatientCalls CMR. It is exclusively for our clients in compliance with HIPAA regulations – with data encryption and password protection – to safeguard patient privacy and protected health information. Unlike standard text messaging, e-mail, and mobile apps, there is no risk of HIPAA violations and hefty fines for non-compliance.

Integration with Secure Messaging Apps

PatientNote also integrates with most third-party secure SMS/e-mail apps. It’s important to note that PatientCalls will not transmit any ePHI via a third-party solution without a signed HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) on file.

If your organization currently uses one of the products above or would like to discuss integrating with a product not mentioned, please get in touch with us immediately to discuss.

Hipaa Compliant Messaging App Integrate With Email

PatientNote: HIPAA Compliant texting App for Medical Offices

For more information on our PatientNote software designed for the healthcare industry, or to schedule a demo to see for yourself how it works please call (866) 330-5481 or fill out a request online to have one of our specialists call you.

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