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Medical Answering Service

Doctor on Phone Speaking with Patient

As a healthcare provider, your patients depend on your medical services, and they need you to be available at all times. Serve your patients, protect their health information, and streamline your processes with PatientCalls.

Our answering service was built specifically to help doctors, physicians and hospitals comply with HIPAA requirements, work more efficiently and ultimately, provide a better level of care for their patients.


Doctor on Phone Speaking with Patient

How We Help You

Patients need help around the clock, but you can only be there for them at specific times — we can fill in the gaps. Our medical phone call answering service takes the burden off of your health care organization by providing 24/7 answering services so that your patients always have access to your help and care when they need it most. We act as a liaison between patients and their medical professionals so doctors always have the information about patients that they need to treat them effectively. With our help, everyone gets what they need with a minimum of hassle.

Not only do we provide essential telephone answering services, but we ensure that our quality of service, level of security and experience of staff are second to none. We’re fully HIPAA-compliant, and we go beyond the basics required by law to protect patients’ data. Additionally, we perform strenuous and regular quality assurance on our processes to ensure that we’re meeting everyone’s needs effectively.

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After-Hours Answering Services for Medical Offices 

PatientCalls offers multiple service structures to fit a range of medical organizations. For some hospitals, clinics, and private offices, this may mean replacing traditional receptionist with round-the-clock support for screening overflow calls and routing emergency communications. For others, a medical after-hours answering service may simply augment their in-office staff. Choose the combination that works for your office’s needs 

  • On-call, after-hours answering services, 
  • Holiday coverage, 
  • 24/7 availability for emergencies, 
  • Overflow call management during business hours. 

What We Offer

We understand the daunting task of trying to find a reliable, secure “virtual receptionist” to fulfill your organizations’ patient care requirements. That’s why we created this visual comparison checklist to be used as a tool for choosing the most sensible service provider. This chart has been developed over years of research and with the help of our new prospects elaborating upon their previous services and how PatientCalls excels in every aspect over our competitors.

As a business associate operating within the HIPAA Omnibus scope of requirements and responsibilities, we understand and take very seriously the security measures and infrastructure needed to not only meet HIPAA requirements, but in many cases surpass them in order to assure our clients that their customers’ PHI is handled properly. In order to optimize your time, we have created a HIPAA audit checklist, found below, which gives you a guideline in determining if your current answering service, or one you may be vetting, is up to par with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Audit checklist

General HIPAA Compliance

Nearest CompetitorMost Answering Services
BA & Sub-BA Agreements
HIPAA Compliance Officer(s)
HIPAA Compliance Training
Quarterly Risk Assessment Analysis
Secure Facilities
SSAE 16 (SOC 1) Type II Facility
Business Continuity Plan

Technological HIPAA Compliance

Nearest CompetitorMost Answering Services
Multiple Layer Encrypted Connectivity
Cyber Intrusion Detection / Prevention
Secured & Encrypted Texts / SMS
Secure & Encrypted Emails
Repeated Failed Log-In Prevention
Detailed & Secure 
Transmission Logs
Agent Login & Station Monitoring
System Time-Out Security
Detailed System Logging
Workstation Encryption
Anti-Virus Implementation

Basic Features

Nearest CompetitorMost Answering Services
24-7 Live Answering Coverage
Message Taking
After Hours On-Call Services
Dispatch Services
Employee Experience of Medical Answering8.5 Years
Serves USA & Canada
Government Contracts
Medical Only Clientele
Pricing Flexibility
Ability To Create/Change Directive Plan
High Volume Customers, Hospitals
EMR Integration


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