Find out how overflow call answering can resolve one of the biggest challenges for every type of healthcare facility – from physician practices to hospital networks.  

Overflow Answering Service for Medical Offices

There are moments when every medical office gets overburdened. Patients calling first thing in the morning to schedule an appointment, call in a refill before the end of the day, or reach their physician before or after a weekend or holiday can cause hard-to-handle peaks. Whatever the reason, these times of abundant incoming calls create undue stress for your receptionists and office staff. If left unchecked, excess call management demand often leads to poorer patient care and more mistakes. Plus, patients hate being put on hold, kept waiting, required to call back, leave a voicemail, or interact with an automated bot.  

Now, this issue can be resolved, and high call handling standards can be upheld, even during busy times by outsourcing your overflow calls to a medical answering service. PatientCalls can handle overflow calls on any scale – as an answering service for medical offices and an incoming call management hub for large healthcare networks. 

Physician Answering Service

As an answering service for medical offices, PatientCalls ensures that you never miss a phone call. Our live agents augment your front desk personnel, taking messages, forwarding calls, recording information, and scheduling appointments. At the same time, they provide a human touch to patient communications even in an overflow context. As a follow-up, our agents follow the custom protocol set by each doctor’s office, delivering messages via phone, text, and email as needed. 

When it comes to overflow physician answering services, our operators take your calls and work as an extension of your reception and admin staff. They follow your workflow regarding the information recorded and call handling.  

Doctor Answering Service Integration
Emr Integration With Virtual Medical Office Receptionist

Healthcare Network Call Management

On a larger scale, PatientCalls provides support to networks of physician offices, clinics, and assisted living in the form of a healthcare answering service. Call management gets streamlined for your entire network with HIPAA-compliant data transmission, records synched with your current EMR, and a secure SMS/text messaging platform.   

During high volume periods, overflow calls are directed to our live operators rather than making callers wait for an available operator or leave a voicemail and wait for a return call.

What Are the Advantages of Overflow Call Answering Service for Medical Offices?

The advantages of outsourcing on-call answering services for medical offices are clear. With PatientCalls’ overflow medical answering services, your staff gets the support it needs to focus on delivering great patient care.  

  • Flexibility – Call traffic isn’t always planned; virtual receptionists can step in at any time. 
  • Scalability – Medical answering services can be scaled up or down at any point. 
  • Continuity – Never miss a patient’s call, after-hours, weekends, holidays, 24/7.  
  • Affordability – Pay only for the services you need with per-unit pricing. 

Learn more about our physician answering service and healthcare call management pricing structure. 

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