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Using New-Years To Review HIPAA Regulatory Issues Within Your Practice

New Years is typically seen as a time to start something new, a fresh slate. Many individuals utilize this time for some self-reflection and improvement. This has been seen as a great time to not only look for self improvement, but a time for businesses to do some looking in the mirror as well. For many medical and healthcare practices, HIPAA has become a standard issue where regulation and self-monitoring have become a reality and a necessity to evaluate.

As the year rolls over from 2016 into 2017, many practice managers have taken this time to not only review what new regulations or standard practices have evolved or were introduced, but to evaluate the day to day operations and see where they may fall within the overall patient care process. 2016 was a year where many in the medical community were made aware of the dangers of not being HIPAA compliant in all area's of their business. However, not all of them take it so seriously. Which is a serious problem.

Unfortunately we live in a world where security has become one of the most primary healthcare issues in the U.S. and abroad. HIPAA does not take security lightly if you were to read many of the HIPAA breach violations, many have come due to I. T. security issues. Un-patched software, lax security on personal and mobile devices are some of the most obvious ones that come to mind. But remember, it is essential that even your business associates, such as a medical answering service be HIPAA compliant as well. (PatientCalls is fully a HIPAA compliant business associate.)

Don't wait any longer to put off reviewing one of the most important aspect, yet most overlooked in your practice management duties. Start a plan to review your HIPAA compliancy status within your patient care spectrum and leave no stone unturned!

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