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Why You Should Use An Answering Service As Part Of Your Business’ Disaster Back-Up Plan

Does your practice have a back-up disaster plan in place?
Many would respond a clear “no” since it’s not something they readily think of. Preparing for a disaster means you have to think of the future and the unknown and most are too occupied thinking about the present. But in order to ensure your practice’s success in the future, you should have a back-up plan so that you can make sure you have business continuity during such an event. Because anything can happen, it’s important that you set up an answering service.

In the event of a disaster, you most likely have enough on your plate to worry about like stocking enough food and water, extra clothes, contacts, an evacuation or shelter plan and more. As a business owner, you should also worry about having the right insurance for your location and the inventory inside, and having a back-up plan in place will allow your business to thrive in the case of an emergency. During a disaster or an emergency, communications starts to falter since everyone is running around trying to do damage control. And even if you are prepared, you can’t afford to also lose contact with customers, which is where an answering service back-up plan will come into play.

If anything should happen to your practice, an answering service will act like your receptionist, taking in calls, taking appointments, taking notes, etc. You can either create a script for them or even give them access to your appointment system so that they can continue business for your practice as normal. And hiring an answering service is a simple thing to do since customers will call in like normal, but automatically get transferred to the answering service. Live operators will always answer calls so that your customers can still reach your practice as normal even if your office is out of commission for whatever reason. And depending on the type of service you want, the answering service company can not only take incoming calls, but forward live calls, get client information and more! So it’s always good to be prepared for disaster and emergencies, which is why many turn to an answering service company for such unexpected times.



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