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5 Ways An Answering Service Is Helpful During The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching! First it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving and before you know it, Christmas and the New Year! That means a lot of your employees will be asking for time off and your patients will hurry in to get the most of their medical benefits before the year ends, placing end-of-year stress on your practice. But don’t fret! Help is just around the corner when you have a medical answering service there to help! Here’s a few ways an answering service is beneficial to your practice this time of year:

24/7 Service
As the influx of patients grows with everyone trying to get in before their medical benefits expire, you’ll notice that you’ll get more calls. This means patients will call in at all hours of the day, night and weekend. To provide excellent customer service, an answering service allows patients to actually talk to someone any time of the day or week so that they feel they are getting the attention they deserve – even when you’re not around. They’ll help answer questions, schedule appointments and more!

Appointment Help
And speaking of appointments, a medical answering service makes it easier to handle the demand of all those end-of-year appointments coming in that are creating chaos for your phone lines. They can help make it easy to schedule new appointments, cancel them or alter any existing ones in your appointment books.

Help With Basic Patient Communication
Another great thing about hiring an answering service during the holidays is that they can help your staff with basic patient communication so that the entire office runs a lot smoother and more efficiently. Calls will be directed to the right employee, as will any messages.

Helps With Busy Phones
Sometimes your receptionist is so busy with other things that not all the calls get answered in a timely manner and that’s when an answering service greatly helps! They’ll answer overflow calls so that no calls are missed and every patient gets through.

HIPPA Compliance
HIPPA compliance is important any time of year, especially during the holidays when things start to get crazy! But rest assure that a medical answering service won’t drop the ball and will retain your office’s HIPPA-compliant practices.


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