Medical care is a round-the-clock job and your patients don’t want to wait. That’s why PatientCalls provides 24-hour answering services for the healthcare industry. By outsourcing medical call answering, your practice gains the peace of mind that every patient’s request is handled quickly and accurately.  

Customized 24/7 Answering Service 

Call center outsourcing doesn’t have to be a box solution. Instead, we work to augment healthcare staff to handle incoming phone calls on an overflow basis, when demand is high, and on a 24/7 basis to ensure that your patients always get a timely response. With PatientCalls, our live agents work as a seamless extension of your medical practice or hospital network. 

24-Hour Answering Service
  • Real-time synched patient scheduling tools. 
  • Unified patient information with EMR software integration
  • Incoming call triage according to your protocol. 
  • Call forwarding and on-call dispatch as required. 
  • Reduced wait times for your patients in person and on the phone.

When you work with PatientCalls, service is overseen by a dedicated account manager. From the start, they aim to understand your needs and design a communications workflow that mirrors the exact processes that your in-house staff follow. Along with 24-hour answering services, this may include immediate notifications, secure text messaging and appointment reminders, and custom scripts and protocols. Relevant information is captured accurately and updated in the same patient scheduling software that your regular font desk staff already uses. 

Always-On Call Answering for 24-Hour Healthcare Providers 

We provide don’t just provide medical call answering for physicians’ offices and dental clinics, PatientCalls supports healthcare facilities that work on 24/7/365 schedules as well. Seamless virtual receptionist services during the day, after hours, on weekends and holidays, delivering uninterrupted coverage for assisted living structures, hospice care, and hospitals as well.  

Our live, bi-lingual call agents can take over during shift changes, when there is high call volume, and when the facility is short-staffed. With synchronized communication platforms, calls can be forwarded, alert on-call personnel, or transmit key information via text message according to your unique protocol.  

FAQs about 24/7 Answering Services

How much does 24-hour answering services cost? 

There’s no extra charge for nights, weekends or holiday coverage. PatientCalls has unit-based pricing that ensures each of our clients is only charged for the time used. Calls and needed admin work are counted as single, blended units for a cost-effective balance between efficiency and quality call handling. Monthly bills for 24-hour answering services vary with call volume, just as they do with our other medical answering services

Is 24-hour answering like an auto attendant service? 

No. Auto attendants are automated self-service answering systems that provide callers with a menu of options for routing calls during business hours and for after-hours emergency, and may enable them to record a voice message. Unlike these robo-services, medical answering is handled by live call center agents who are trained to transmit sensitive patient information in compliance with HIPAA privacy and security standards. Plus, talking to a real person adds a level of reassurance and empathy to patient care, even over the phone.

Do you offer bilingual answering services too?

Yes. PatientCalls supports healthcare providers with English and Spanish-speaking call center outsourcing.

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