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Jan. 27, 2015 Ventures With Triage Logic For Comprehensive After-hours Patient Care.

PatientCalls Medical Answering Service, a HIPAA compliant patient to doctor service provider supporting the medical and healthcare industry, expands on its offering of quality patient care services by announcing a venture with TriageLogic, a URAC-accredited company and leader in nurse triage services.

"Our venture with TriageLogic increases response time for immediate patient care while providing a cost effective solution to our clients' on-call staff during various times of the day and night including weekends. PatientCalls has always striven to break the stigma of just being the answering service and this venture with TriageLogic helps our current and future clientele from every level of patient care starting with the original patient's phone call and ending with triaging." states Vince McGlone, Director of PatientCalls.

McGlone continues, "We developed PatientNote, a HIPAA secure SMS solution offered free to our clients, and seamlessly integrated with TriageLogic's Secure Portal to increase efficiency if providing personal health information (sPHI) within seconds of completing an urgent call."

Ravi Raheja, CEO of TriageLogic, states, " We are excited about PatientCalls medical answering service expertise and technical abilities because it helps TriageLogic to support additional medical and healthcare organizations nationwide."

PatientCalls works closely with all Covered Entities to support HIPAA Compliancy within the call center process and is now able to complete the circle of communication in patient care for any medical or healthcare organization by offering 24/7 access to experienced and registered nurses required  to assist patients and ensure appropriate levels of care.

We are extending this announcement as a formal invitation to those healthcare organizations that may require Unique Answering Service that can support virtually any kind of medical related phone call.  We operate within most medical and healthcare communities such as hospice, home care, hospital, general practice, dentistry, optometry, health care groups, and now emergency care.

Please contact us for more information on our HIPAA compliance standards as well as receive more information regarding a free trial of our services.

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Feb. 24th, 2014

PatientCalls’ Medical Answering Service Expands on HIPAA Compliant ePHI Transmission Alternatives to Include PatientNOTE, Gmail and Outlook 365.

King of Prussia, Pa Feb 24th 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- PatientCalls Implements Additional HIPAA Compliant Software Solutions to Secure PHI during SMS and Email transmissions.

PatientCalls, a trusted HIPAA Compliant Business Associate and leader among medical answering services, recently expanded on its alternative offerings of Secure SMS and Email Solutions to Covered Entities by developing and deploying PatientNOTE, an encrypted and password protected SMS solution for mobile devices, and by integrating with Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Office 365 to transmit PHI encapsulated within encrypted and password protected PDFs.

Vince McGlone, PatientCalls’ Director and HIPAA Compliancy Officer explains, “HIPAA compliancy cannot be taken lightly when considering medical answering services electronically store and transmit patient information (ePHI) all day, every day. Risk exposure is significant, with at least 60% of PHI breaches occurring under the Business Associate’s watch and more than half of these breaches attributed to the loss or theft of storage devices as disclosed by HHS. Knowing these statistics and acknowledging smart phones are practically mandatory within the workplace made it imperative for us to act responsibly and expand on our alternative HIPAA compliant solutions to protect ourselves, our clients and their patients.”

When asked why PatientCalls developed their PatientNOTE secure solution, offered the product for free, and integrated with Google and Microsoft products, McGlone continued, “Creating our own secure SMS solution allows PatientCalls complete control in making sure patient information (PHI) is never stored permanently on any storage device, including smart phones and tablets. We understand that our medical and healthcare clients get beat up everyday with other rising industry costs so we wanted to help stabilize monthly expenses, reduce our collective risk, and separate PatientCalls from our competition.” In speaking about the competition, McGlone added, “the medical answering service space is fairly specialized, so offering the ability to seamlessly integrate with globally popular and HIPAA compliant solutions like Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Office 365 allowed us to broaden our technical, logistical, and serviceable footprint. We are now capable of simultaneously supporting thousands of Covered Entities within the medical and healthcare industries. And our growth based upon referrals alone confirms that we moved in the right direction.”

McGlone concluded with, “In the end, there are many business professionals looking for HIPAA guidance although they won’t necessarily admit it, and we just want to help by providing common sense solutions which are readily and easily available.”

About PatientCalls
PatientCalls’ resourcefulness in offering the most widely available secure SMS / Email transmission alternatives of all HIPAA compliant medical answering service providers originates from experience in supporting its own proprietary answering service platform and from employing full-time development staff that support the unique capability of effectively integrating into any 3rd party solution’s API and efficiently implementing SSL/TLS connectivity.


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