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Why Optometrists Should Use A Third-Party On-Call Answering Service

Medical emergencies can happen at all hours of the day and night. Patients these days want access to their doctors all the time, which is why many are now employing third-party on-call answering services to handle calls at night, as well as offer extra support when lines are busy during regular business hours. Patients find it comforting to know that their doctors really care about their needs and will go the extra mile and provide them with 24/7 support in case they need it. And usually, the overnight “emergency” can something as simple as a return call (with more serious issues requiring a visit to the office the next day for an in-person evaluation). But that call provides them with a piece of mind when at their most vulnerable state and can make all the difference in your patient’s lives, allowing them to trust you and want to become loyal patients to your optometry practice.

Although many doctors already offer their patients with a third-party on-call answering service all day and night, many optometrists are still hesitant to employ the extra service for their practice and here are a few reasons why they should:

  1. It lets them know you care

Going the extra mile to provide such service lets your patients know that they are important to you and that you value their business. A frightened patient can get extra reassurance about their “emergency” and not have to continuously worry until morning when they can actually talk to a doctor or and assistant. By providing an on-call answering service day and night, you’re providing them with extra care when they need it most.

  1. It’s easy

There’s no extra work on your part since the third-party answering service will simply take the message and then relay it to you. There’s no extra burden by having this calling service in place and you’ll just have to call the patients back for suggestions, recommendation or simply extra reassurance. And sometimes, you only get a few calls a week, making it easy to deal with.

  1. No need to give patients access to your personal number
Some practices have an answering service that leaves the doctor’s personal information for emergencies. But by having this convenient third-party answering service, you don’t have to give you're your personal information and number to patients since the answering service will contact you with details on patients when they call.

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