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Security & Disaster Recovery For HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service.

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Security & Disaster Recovery

Our Technology, Security, & Disaster Recovery Is Second To None.

security and technological infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure
We are the only HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service whom has developed our own cloud technology and CRM application to support our medical and healthcare clientele. This allowed us to build the infrastructure we have and which is supported by our in house technical team. We are not a typical answering service but rather view ourselves as a technological partner due to our technical division. We pride ourselves regarding our technical expertise and HIPAA compliance environment via the following:

  • Deploy and manage (In House) our own Private Cloud Infrastructure housed within SSAE 16 (SOC 2) Type II Facility
  • Multiple Fiber DIA/ISP's with 100mb capacity accessing our cloud infrastructure.
  • Office has redundant encrypted paths into our facility via MPLS and Fiber DIA/ISP (100mb capacity).
  • SIP Origination from 2 providers terminating on multiple ISP's within our cloud as well as PRI failover during a registration fail event for business continuity.
  • Redundant Servers, stand alone and virtualized, with encrypted paths in and out.
  • Our agent PC's do not store any PHI, we utilize RDP/TS RemoteApp over encrypted path for remote access into our cloud infrastructure.
  • SMS portal utilized SSL with strong password for us to identify a friendly mobile device while never storing any PHI on any mobile device. PHI is flashed from devices after 5 minutes.
  • PHI is also transmitted within password protected PDF's over TLS which secures in transmit but also provides prelim protection when PDF's are stored on your remote devices.
  • Created software based firewalls within our portals to monitor rogue IP's and failed log in attempts which are also a HIPAA requirement.
  • We employ a Operational HIPAA Compliancy Officer and a Technical HIPAA Compliancy Officer in order to maximize our collective risk mitigation.

Business Continuity

  • On premises natural gas backup generators with auto-detection transfer switch, tested regularly.
  • Redundant Fiber lines with copper rollover.
  • Multiple DID routing.
More importantly, we have the ability to provide unequaled business continuity measures in the event of an outage outside of our control. For example, we implement the ability for your calls to be transported over multiple ISP's with TDM/PRI rollover in the event of a complete outage from a carrier standpoint.

About PatientCalls
PatientCalls’ resourcefulness in offering the most widely available secure SMS / Email transmission alternatives of all HIPAA compliant medical answering service providers originates from experience in supporting its own proprietary answering service platform and from employing full-time development staff that support the unique capability of effectively integrating into any 3rd party solution’s API and efficiently implementing SSL/TLS connectivity.


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