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PatientNote Service

PatientCalls Medical Answering Service offers free secure sms technology

PatientCalls Medical Answering Service offers FREE HIPAA Compliant SMS and Email Technology to its customers.

One major obstacle all Medical Answering Services had to overcome by Sept 23 2013,the Final Omnibus Implementation Deadline, was how to transmit ePHI securely when communicating electronically with their customers.

In addition, most Medical Answering Services support 1,000's of medical professionals on a daily basis, therefore, the solution had to be HIPAA Compliant, cost effective, and transparent to those medical professionals receiving the ePHI relevant to their patients.

Unfortunately, many Medical Answering Services at present still may be struggling with their ePHI security, therefore, PatientCalls suggests you immediately audit your current Medical Answering Service for HIPAA Compliancy. Otherwise you are at risk of HIPAA Violations.

PatientCalls, in order to meet all security and logistical requirements, developed exclusive technology, called PatientNote, and provided PatientNote software licenses FOR FREE to all PatientCalls' customers.

Here is a quick list of benefits in using PatientNOTE;


- NO Apps to Download

- NO Upgrade Fees

- NO OS requirements

- Controlled Time Access to ePHI

- ePHI NEVER stored on smart device

For more information on our PatientNote product or to schedule a demo please call PatientCalls also integrates with most 3rd Party Secure SMS/Email products, such as;


- Microsoft Office 365

- Microsoft Lync

- Onpage

- TigerText

If your organization is currently using one of the products above, or would like to discuss integrating with a product not mentioned, please contact us immediately to discuss.

As a final note, PatientCalls will not transmit any ePHI using any 3rd party solution if the solution provider does not provide a signed HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

For reference, PatientCalls has created a ePHI FLOW DIAGRAM as shown below which will help educate on ePHI transmission paths, and the hierarchy of Covered Entities, Business Associates, and sub-contractors.


For more information on our PatientNote product or to schedule an interactive presentation, please call 888-333-7922.

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