After-Hours Answering Service for Medical Practices 

Today’s patients expect round-the-clock availability from their healthcare providers. For medical offices that already have front-desk activities covered during the day, an after-hours answering service is the best way to ensure callers promptly reach a real person even when they call outside of regular business hours.  

It’s normal that doctors’ offices and non-emergency clinics are only open during business hours. Your personnel deserve time off and shouldn’t be bothered with work issues when they are not on-call. Unfortunately, 9-5 is when most of your patients are working as well—so it may be more convenient for them to call after hours.  

PatientCalls’ call center is specialized in making appointments, handling schedule changes, health insurance verification, and requesting pharmaceutical refills on a 24/7 basis. All of the important information gained from the phone call is saved to your system via EMR integration and appointments are synched to your patient scheduling software. In this way, we work as an extension of your front desk and alleviate any subsequent bottlenecks in call volume when the office opens back up.  

Medical After-Hours Answering Services

Not being able to reach their doctor when needed is the number one complaint of patients. It’s also the most common reason that patients change doctors. Specialized service providers can help your practice avoid this problem and deliver excellent patient care with after-hours answering services. We help your receptionists handle scheduling, messages, and requests when it is most convenient for your patients, even after regular business hours and on weekends. Plus, you benefit from coinvent pricing plans based on consumption only.  

Medical After-Hours Answering Service
  • Never miss a patient’s call. 
  • Don’t rely on an impersonal, automated system. 
  • Avoid expensive flat-rate charges for unused time. 
  • Reduce call congestion, wait times, and stress on receptionists.
  • Don’t keep your patients waiting on hold.

Why Choose PatientCalls for After-Hours Answering Services? 

In addition to offering complete after-hours answering service for medical practices, we also have quality control measures in place to make sure that customer service, data security, and call center agent performance are unmatched. We go above and beyond what is necessary by law to protect patient data, and we are fully HIPAA-compliant.  

Let your patients know that they are your main priority, day or night–Monday through Friday and on the weekends. Outsourcing extended after-hours phone answering ensures that your patients will receive a caring, professional response any time they call. Contact PatientCalls today to get started! 

FAQs about After-Hours Answering Services

How does after-hours call answering work with structures providing 24-hr care? 

After-hours medical call answering isn’t only for doctors’ offices and specialist clinics. It works for home care facilities, hospice, and full hospital networks as well. When the regular-hours receptionist staff is done for the day, external call agents take over from there. Using synchronized communications platforms, incoming calls are re-routed to our dedicated call center, answered by a live agent, and the new information is recorded in the client EMR. Dispatching of on-call staff, call forwarding, and secure message transfer are all handled according to the protocol set by the client.  

Is healthcare phone call after-hours answering like a virtual receptionist service? 

It’s similar. Like a virtual receptionist, healthcare phone call after-hours agents take messages and relay information. Additionally, they are trained to work in the healthcare industry—handling protected healthcare information (also known as PHI), following HIPAA standards, and providing reassuring support to your patients. 

How much does an after-hours answering service for medical practices cost? 

PatientCalls provides flexible pricing options for after-hours phone answering services. With a consumption-based, pay-as-you-go price structure, your medical practice can get the highest quality medical answering services but only pay for the actual time used. Learn more about medical answering service pricing. 

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