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Hospital / Hospitalist Answering Service

HIPAA Secure Hospital Answering Service / Medical Dispatch Center
Providing efficient, detailed, and secure communications 24/7/365 to Hospitals, Hospitalists, and Health Networks Nationwide.

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We give some of the most hands-on care givers such as Hospitalists the structure and
reliability they need to keep patient care at the top of the priority list.

We understand that a large part of a Hospitalists role in patient care is to oversee not only the patient while they are hospitalized, but to ensure that the patient receives the highest quality care from the minute they are hospitalized all the way through discharge, and even the after care.

Being in communication with the patients primary care doctor or specialists means that you need 24 hour phone coverage. We understand that being available 24 hours per day is not feasible nor ideal. That is where PatientCalls becomes the reliable solution for hospitalists and those overseeing the patient experience and care.

Hospitalists that have a major role in the patient care management have a large amount of outside caregivers and specialists that they need to be in expedient communication with. At PatientCalls, our trained staff understands that each call to a hospitalists that we take could be the most important phone call regarding a patients condition and therefore are well versed in medical terminology and situational awareness.

Throughout the years as a medical focused answering service, we have seen the hospitalist community grow and expand over the years, and we have placed a priority within our answering service to learn about and implement a service that covers all the factors a hospitalist may need.

PatientCalls understands the tremendous burden placed on your staff 24/7/365 for continual patient care. Therefore, our answer is very simple; to provide a unique, effective, accountable, and affordable HIPAA Compliant means of real-time communication between your medical professionals, administrative staff, and patients. We will function as an error free liaison within your organization providing non-bias, 3rd party accountability which is paramount for your internal auditing procedures.


We recognize the simple fact that patient care starts with human interaction, therefore, we offer a unique solution which has been developed and takes into consideration various obstacles faced by your organization, such as, continual patient care, project cost, and accountability of your professional staff during patient care.


Our solution is a hybrid which blends LIVE and professionally trained agents with AUTOMATION in order to continue with human interaction while keeping costs as low as possible without affecting quality of communication or patient care. This unique and specific solution is what separates PatientCalls from any competition.


Our team will work in conjunction with your IT and Administrative staff to ensure proper security and HIPAA compliancy with our unprecedented ability to integrate our software solutions within your current platform of communication. We have developed our PatientNote secure SMS portal for the secure PHI transmission, however, PatientCalls has the ability to integrate with any secure communication platforms, such as, but not limited to, Microsoft Lync, Tiger Text, and Onpage.


We will work with you to complete a directive plan for every department, floor, ward, or division within your organization pertaining to inbound call volume, oncall management, and realtime communication between your staff and patients.

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