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Why Missed Calls Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Medical Practice

As a doctor, it is not unusual that you get calls at night, or during the day time when you are busy servicing another patient. While some say that failure to answer is justified, this can actually have a negative impact on your practice. Here, we will be taking a look at the different reasons why missed calls can affect your reputation as a medical professional, and offer some solutions that can help you prevent this problem from happening. Patients Need Answers

Many companies can afford to make customers wait for 24 hours before providing a response. But this cannot happen in the medical industry.
When patients call, they need an answer. Although not every little thing is classified as an emergency, people will feel at ease if they were able to speak to somebody. A simple confirmation of a schedule or appointment can relieve a person’s anxiety
about his medical condition.

If you miss these calls, the patient is definitely going to look for another doctor. In a patient’s eyes, a medical situation is always urgent, even if it is not classified as an emergency. And when they find somebody who can take their call, you just lost that patient forever.

It Can Affect Your Reputation
Even if the call is after hours, patients expect a response. While this may seem absurd to you, it is the real deal. And if they call within office hours, yet failed to get a response from you, you will end up having a bad reputation as a doctor who does not take calls.
If patients cannot speak to you, they are likely to create a different picture of you. They will make pronouncements to their friends and family that you cannot be relied upon, that you are not there when they need you.

Over time, these people will not recommend you, and your bad reputation will even precede you.

So, what solutions can you implement?
One thing you can consider is outsourcing to a staff that can answer your calls. You can either hire a virtual assistant who specializes in the medical industry and let them answer the calls from your patients.The important thing is that there is someone who your patients can talk to. This person will be in charge of explaining to your patients that you are out, or that you are currently servicing somebody.

A missed call can lead to revenue losses. When patients call to make an appointment, answering these calls and booking them is a guaranteed way to ensure that you have a consistent revenue stream. As mentioned earlier, not all situations are emergencies.

What this means is that many patients are willing to wait. Your assistant can book the appointment days from now, and these patients will come.

If you miss the call, then no one is going to book these patients and you would have lost guaranteed revenue. And this will have a ripple effect, as you would also lose the revenue that you could have earned from their friends and families if they referred you.



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