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Using a Medical Answering Service For After-Hours Patient Care

Within the majority of all medical offices, the phone doesn’t stop ringing just because it’s after 5pm, the weekend, or a holiday. Your Patients tend to call at all hours of the day and night, which makes it vital for a practice to have a plan to communicate with your patients 24 hours per day in order to maintain the proper level of patient care.

But don’t think you have to hire more staff to answer and process the calls during times of which your staff is not working when partnering with a HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service is the perfect answer for almost any medical organization who desires a low cost alternative than hiring more in-house staff or paying overtime to your current staff. Remember, the answering service operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year which is rare when comparing to typical 9 to 5 or 8 to 4 work environments. Also consider the real-time and secure interactions with your patients a Top Rated Medical Answering Service, like PatientCalls, is able to deliver to medical professionals like you.
Here are some reasons to use an answering service for after-hours:

1. HIPAA Compliancy
Remember, your organization is considered the Covered Entity, therefore, must ensure all of your Patient Health Information (PHI) is captured, stored, and transmitted in a secure manner. The properly selected HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service can actually help your office achieve the necessary levels of HIPAA compliancy and security, therefore, choosing PatientCalls is crucial in your search for a responsible and professional partner.

2. Your Patients are busy and demand immediate care.
Just as you’re busy with your business, your patients are just as busy and can’t always call during your normal business hours but also demand immediate responses to their needs. So on many occasions, they will call after hours, on holidays, or weekends but the problem is your staff is not available to provide the proper level of communication. But if you venture with PatientCalls, your patients will be able to call whenever is convenient for them while allowing for their hopeful desired outcome of notifying the doctor or oncall staff of their immediate medical concerns. Providing real time responses will also show the patients that their call is important at any time and that you care enough to maintain and provide 24 hours of communication. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your patients happy while maintaining the proper levels of patient care.

3. Never miss a call again
Missing calls is crucial to possible your bottom line but most importantly patient care and missing one call could be problematic. If you utilize an answering service specific within the medical industry, you will have the confidence in knowing all patient calls will be documented properly.

4. An actual person is better than a voicemail
Patients require the warmth of a live voice which also creates comfort for them. Voicemails are tremendously impersonal and has the ability to increase the worry of the patients by wondering if someone has been notified of their medical issue or request. Voicemails promote a high percentage of call backs out of fear of the patients not being helped in an expedient manner.

5. Weekly, Monthly, Annual Cost Savings
Hiring someone to work after hours to handle patient calls can be expensive, up to $15 per hour as well as benefits and matching taxes. A 24/7 Medical Answering Service may cost $2 per hour which is a substantial savings for your office especially when considering your managers will not have to manage employee lateness and call-offs.

PatientCalls interacts on a daily basis with 10,000's of medical professionals and has derived the above information over the years of conversing with our clients and medical professionals.


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