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Healthgrades Names Top 1,000 Hospitals In Outstanding Patient Experience and Patient Safety Excellence Awards.

During an 8 year data gathering period, Healthgrades was able to identify several factors that led to a patient survey participant to say "Yes, I would recommend this hospital". Not surprisingly, the findings pointed toward hospitals and healthcare practitioners that had higher grades of communication between patients and doctors and the hospital staff. Health grades evaluated 13 different indicators across the overall patient experience in order to quantify their findings.

In 2017 Healthgrades identified 460 Hospitals that met their criteria for the "Patient Safety Excellence" award. This mean that there could have been over 134,000 healthcare related incidents that could have been avoided if all hospitals were performing to the same level as the award recipients from 2017. That is a staggering number.

Healthgrades freely gives this information because it's a key piece of identifying what top quality looks like from a patient safety and performance standpoint, but also gives the rest of the medical field a benchmark to shoot for. Patients routinely give these hospitals and medical practices higher grades, which ultimately produces higher new patient numbers as well as higher returning patient numbers as well.

All these indicators point to the fact that hospitals and medical practices across the country need to continue to put the patient first across the entire experience, both on-site and off, over the phone, and online.

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