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Important Items To Consider For Dental Offices Outsourcing An Answering Service

Dental offices are no different in the eyes of HHS than any other medical or healthcare organization. Therefore there are some important factors that you must consider when choosing to outsource to a third-party medical answering service. Take a look at some of the most important items to consider.

First and foremost, they must be HIPAA compliant. There are things you can do to vet your prospective answering service to ensure they are HIPAA compliant. For starters, click here to check out PatientCalls HIPAA Compliant Checklist. A must for all BA’s to consider when looking at a third-party resource.

Quality is not a luxury any more, but a MUST HAVE. In today's business world, you need to take every advantage possible when you have the opportunity to interact with a client. This extends into Business Associates such as Medical Answering Services. The agents must be friendly, knowledgeable, and thoughtful, since speaking with a patient. When protected health information is shared between a patient and a live agent, all things including security, privacy, and friendliness all need to be taken into consideration. PatientCalls prides ourselves on being built for the medical field exclusively.

Since the medical and healthcare field are extremely varied and complex, you need to ensure that the answering service you are prospecting is committed to holding your hand and being flexible across the board. This includes pricing and call directives. Since pricing and the numerous ways you can have our calls and messages routed are extremely extensive, it is important that all parties understand what can be done in light of HIPAA, as well as working within the confines of each industry and understanding what will work best for all parties.

These items are just a few of the important things to consider when speaking with a medical answering service, or any third-party service. If necessary, have an attorney look over all contracts and Business Associates agreements to ensure a smooth transition.


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