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The Next Personalized Health Tech Wave

Technology is always changing and as it changes, new ways to do things emerge, allowing us all to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. This is especially true within the health care industry, with new technology changing how we take care of patients, record data and results and so much more. New digital platforms are changing the playing field when it comes to the patient experience and how we interrupt data to make key decisions for treatment and health.

The best place to discover the very best and new technology as it relates to the healthcare industry is at the Technology For Precision Health Summit. Here, people from across the industry gather together for a one-day action-packed summit. Expect to see hundreds of providers, healthcare advocates, investors, developers and policymakers at this engaging summit that’s all about the new wave in technology for the health care industry.

The summit includes keynote presentations on a variety of topics, including patient experience, how to share and analyze medical information across healthcare systems and so much more. You’ll walk always with new and innovative ideas you can take back to your practice and implement for a better overall organization. You’ll also get presentations and demos from leading companies in the healthcare tech space that are changing the way you deal with Electronic Health Care Records. These demos are easy to understand and are made to entice you to want to use them and incorporate them into your own practice, but of course, the best takeaway is knowing you have various options to improve the technology in your practice for the better.

There’s still time to register for the 2017 summit that will happen in San Francisco on December 12, 2017! So if you want to network to grow your business, learn new strategy to strengthen your business and experience new technological platforms, register today!


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