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Top Reasons Physicians Need A Medical Answering Service

When you’re a physician, life is quite busy! This type of career is definitely not for the faint of heart or those who don’t like hard work, and anything you can do to make your career and life easier is much appreciated. After countless hours of care you give your patients week in and week out, you still have more work to do after hours.

And your patients never stop needing help, even after hours and during the weekend when they call about medical emergencies or questions. Sure, they can go to your voicemail, but then they won’t get answered until the following week by your staff. Then incoming calls are not all the same, with some more urgent than others, and your staff could be missing important calls, meaning losing vital patients.
To combat all these issues, it’s best to have a medical answering service! Here are a few reasons why you’ll benefit from one:

Decrease hold times
People hate to be placed on hold and will most likely hang up if they have to wait too long. An answering service will pick up the call within a few rings and every patient will get through no matter one. You’ll be able to address the needs of your patients in a reasonable time frame!

Saves you money
Instead of having to hire extra help for after-hour calls or weekend ones, the answering service company will charge you a flat rate for these extra call services, thus reducing your employee costs.

Sensitive Records Kept
All calls made through the answering service are recorded and time-stamped, so that you have irrefutable records kept safe for when you ever need them!

Prepare for emergencies
When an emergency happens, it’s key to maintain your practice’s operations even though you might be able to open your doors so an answering service will keep your phone lines open for both employee and patient needs.

Better Patient Satisfaction
When you have more efficient operations in your practice thanks to an answering service, you will see an increase in patient satisfaction. They’ll appreciate how fast they can get through with their calls and find that their needs are being met in a timely manner. This increase in availability on your part will create a patient experience that will have them recommending your services to others.


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