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Putting Healthcare Marketing Metrics To Use

The healthcare industry can benefit from social media marketing and the data that your digital campaigns get back can provide vital information. When you have the right numbers you’ll be able to identify lots of opportunities for improvement, trends and prove to big executives return on investment. Here are some important metrics to look at when doing your marketing campaigns, budget and more!

Putting metrics to work on your website
Everyone has a website these days, so if you don’t already have one, get one ASAP! Then to better understand how your website is working and doing, the perfect way to get vital information is through Google Analytics. But the only way to understand the metrics is making sure you fully understand everything. Traffic is an important report that looks at the pages on your site and the kind of traffic they are getting. It also shoes metrics like time on site and bounce rate. It’s useful to see how visitors are behaving on your site to see what pages are popular, how long they are on your site and so on.

Conversions is also important since they are actions that you want your traffic to take when they see your website. It shows you if they signed up for an email, downloaded something or RSVP’d for an event. To get your conversion percentage, y you simply get the number of conversions and then divide by the number of page views. The higher the percentage, the more likely that visitor will convert!

Navigation summery allows you to see how your site’s visitors are behaving, how they get to a page and where they click once on there.

Finally, traffic from organic search is also important since it allows you to see which pages of your website are popular in organic search. If a page is getting a lot of traffic, you might not want to make any changes to it since it’s ranking well in Google, and it allows you to learn about the traffic on those pages.

By using the data from all these reports, you’ll be able to make knowledgeable decisions as they relate to marketing and consumer trends!



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