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Personalizing The Patient Experience

A huge trend in the medical field for 2018 is personalizing the patient experience. We now live in a very digitized and data-focused world, so consumers now expect companies to know their needs and wants without even being told. And the same is true about patients who now expect this same level of service from their medical providers.

But the reality is, patients don’t feel that they get the right information from their providers, especially not information that’s customized for their needs. This means healthcare organizations need to now focus on the patient experience and give them that personalization they demand. Providers can easily do this for their patients by personalizing communications based on the patient’s personal conditions, medications and lifestyle choices.  And the best part is that many practices already have the technology to provide personalized communications for their patients, but just don’t know how to use them right. Tools like electronic health records and patient engagement technology.

By utilizing their appointment reminder technology, practices can connect with patients on a deeper level and provide personalized information that they crave. Things that can heighten their experience include: providing personalized check-in between appointments, provide specialized emails about how to manage any chronic conditions they may have, sending out reminders for patients to take medications, informing them of additional services related to their needs and emailing them healthy living tips like exercise routines and recipes. And these are only a few things you can do to personalize patients’ experience.

The outcome of personalization for patients can really benefit the healthcare organization. Patients are more willing to refer services to friends and family, while also engaging more with their provider. Patient satisfaction will also increase, which will decrease their risk of switching providers. Patients expect more from their providers these days and it’s time that healthcare organizations provide with the special attention they want. Even though it might take extra work, it’s worth it in the end since it will give patients the experience they want and increase the practice’s bottom line.



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