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IOT’s Top List Of Security Threats

It was a tough 2016 for many healthcare providers who were hit hard by data security breaches. It was the Anthem breach of 2015 that really got everyone’s attention and started major security changes for the healthcare industry. That meant 2016, every one made sure to secure their data even more in case of future breaches.

Right now there are thousands upon thousands of Internet-of-Things (IOT) that are tied to healthcare networks and not all of the security is iron clad. Some lack basic cybersecurity protocols and can easily be hacked in as little as three minutes. Many healthcare professionals and organizations are placing IT security as a priority this year and hare are a few of the top security threats they might face:


Unsecured IOTs give hackers the access they need to get into a healthcare organization’s system. Then once they are inside, they can steal private and sensitive information. And these days, buying or creating ransomeware is easier than ever. The solution to this problem is having a robust backup system so that you don’t have to pay for extorted data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Although it might sound like a good idea to transfer all data to a cloud infrastructure, the downfall of that is that there’s not much out there on the risks yet. Security of the cloud isn’t up to par yet, so it’s important that you go with a responsible party and have a contract that establishes responsibility if a breach happens.

Data-Integrity Attacks

Black-hat hackers can access vital health system networks via IOT devices, manipulating data in subtle ways that often go unnoticed. One example is payments not going where they need to go, so it’s important to make sure everything looks right no matter what.

Artificial Intelligence

Hackers will soon start using more AI and machine learning tools to inside IOT devices. These new AI-powered attacks will also resonate with the target more than ever as the hackers will use phishing emails that replicate human content and mannerisms exactly.




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