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The Importance Of Staff Development In Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations

In order to have a successful business, you’ll need quality staff to help run the everyday operations, which is why you should invest in staff development. A trained staff translates to a more efficient staff that knows what they’re doing and can help your business grow and continue to be successful. And this is even more important in hospice and palliative care organizations where customer service is key to success.

To ensure that your staff is properly aware of procedures, rules and everything else as it pertains to the company, a medical staff development plan should be in place if your want your hospice to grow and become a n Accountable Palliative Care Organization (APCO). Since resourceful use of physicians in these types of places has proven to be successful when creating an APCO, it’s essential that a Medical Staff Development Plan (MSDP) be created to serve as sort of a management guide for physician staffing plans to align with the overall hospice’s strategic plan.

When creating an MSDP in a hospice or palliative organization, it will define the investment needed to meet recruitment needs, identify any risks and opportunities of the organization’s current medical staff and how it’s relative to the development of the APCO as a whole, in addition to demonstrating the proactive and strategic strategies of senior leadership to the community, key stakeholders and its hospitals.

Usually and MSDP features five different sections. The first is Community Assessment, which is supposed to seek out improvement opportunities so that it’s competitive among other organizations. There should also be a Three-Year Staffing Plan that will translate its community’s needs so that physician staffing is done right, while the Responsibility Chart and Professional Performance Profile are simply tools that are supposed to enable leadership so that the main goals are met correctly by assigning roles and functions to the right people. And finally, there’s the Compensation Plan that will help attract the right staff and fill in any competency gaps. Such a plan will help the overall staff and the organization as a whole since it will continue to accelerate the success of the hospice and palliative care organization.



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