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How To Structure A Medical Practice

Having a good structure for your medical practice is important. Not only does it show the skeletal structure of the organization, but also its relationships – both among and within various areas. It also serves as a flow chart for the direction of communication within your practice, allowing its staff and those involved how they fit into the structure so that they can increase efficiency and maintain a balance.

A medical practice’s structure is often referred to as its schedules, plans and procedures that keep it all together. Then there’s its process, which represents what’s happening, what’s done and how it gets done.  Here are some important aspects of a medical practice’s organizational structure:

  • Authority relationships

Any organizational chart is characterized by a structure of authority relationships, which legitimizes both the authority and their responsibility. This authority relationship is impersonal given it’s about the position rather than who’s holding it.

  • Division of work

An organizational chart shows everyone’s division of work. When too many do the same thing, it wastes resources, but when employees are handling to much, then things aren’t done right or finished on time. Each person of the practice can see what their duties are by referring to the organizational chart to function more efficiently.

  • The flow of authority

Usually, authority flows from the top to the bottom and the organizational chart will define the hierarchical structure of the practice.

  • Decentralization and delegation

Delegation in your practice is assigning responsibility to a position and then transferring authority to a supervisor to oversee others. Once that’s done, authority is now decentralized or removed from that one position it once occupied. This helps widen the span of control of those at higher levels.

  • Span of control

This concept refers to the number of subordinates in a practice who can be coordinated by one supervisor. As these numbers increase, the shape of chart changes to a flatter pyramid from a taller one.

  • Division of labor

Specialization and the division of labor, which results in various segments that are usually refereed to as departments. So as the practice grows larger, the more departments you’ll need to specialize areas of expertise.



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