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How To Build A Learning Organization

More and more organizations these days are aiming to be a learning organization, taking their business to the next level by investing time, resources and energy into ongoing learning. If you want to become a learning organization, you’ll have to put in some work take the necessary steps to make it reality within your organization. Here are a few questions to ask about your organization if you want to build a learning organization:

1. Is your organization aligned or scattered?
Is everyone in your organization aligned when it comes to wanting to learn to improve its systems, issues and processes that will help it become a learning organization? Can your organization finish projects on time or are you always missing deadlines because you are working on too many at once? To become an aligned organization, everyone should be ready to learn and do their part to achieve strategic goals.

2. Do you know how much knowledge is needed for your healthcare organization?
The more knowledge your organization, the better, but do you know exactly what sort of knowledge your healthcare organization needs to keep advancing? Learning the necessities is key and sharing that knowledge throughout the entire organization will help your success overall.

3. Are you improving your knowledge every week?
Becoming a learning organization means that you’re always learning new things, knowing more than you did yesterday, last week, last month and last year. And you’ll have to be able to articulate what new things you have learned among all aspects of your business.

4. Are you really listening to your customers?
Customers are important in any business and knowing what they want is vital for an organization’s success. So if you’re really listening to their rants and wishes, you’ll be able to please them more. Knowing and articulating what your customers need from you will help you better service them.

5. Do you share and use data freely?
If you’re transparent with your data, this means you’re allowing everybody to learn about your organization. Allowing staff to see the true data on everything allows them to see how they improve on a daily basis.

6. Are leaders also learning
Leaders need to learn from the people they work with, but how often are your organization’s leaders doing this? If workers are afraid to speak up while with leadership, this may signal that more has to be done so that leaders are seen as learning, too.

7. Does your organization know how to sustain improvement once it’s achieved?
Once you achieve success, your organization needs to know how to sustain it to keep being successful, which means continuing learning and improving.

6. Do you get feedback?
Constructive feedback is a gift and can only help your organization become better!


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