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How Care Continuum Is Changing

The healthcare industry is under pressure to shift their service from volume to value, which means providers need to show how they intend to improve clinical outcomes throughout the care continuum but at lower costs. This is because care has been centered on providers and not patients, care is delivered inconsistently and providers have operated by themselves instead of having coordination across the full care continuum. Also, accountability and reporting systems for those in the industry are limited or lacking.

Currently, the industry is addressing regulatory and market forces that are now driving change, with these dynamics creating challenges as systems progress from a care focus to a broader patient health focus. Health care systems of tomorrow will also rely heavy on technology since it improves access to care that plans, coordinates and is actively managed across settings and providers; engages patients by improving their access; screen patient data proactively through management tools; and centers on evidenced-based clinical standards.

So as healthcare shifts from the volume to value system, providers need to show how they’re able to generate better clinical outcomes at a more effective cost. One way to do it is via data and analytics that help link the data in both a disease and patient centric way across the entire care and treatment continuum. Data and analytics are vital to empowering clinical improvements. Right now, providers find it hard to understand the impact and cost of their care, with a key concern being how to demonstrate that higher quality of care and its relationship to lower cost of care across the continuum.

Many experience the same challenge of having patients received care outside of its system, so they assume they’ll lack the data needed to fully understand the cost and quality relationship. However, data and analytics can link the data in both a disease and patient centric way to provide an understanding as to the root causes of issues in the continuum.

So what needs to be done? Providers need to work with each other to fully provide the right services for the complexity of patient needs. Organizations need to have a focus beyond their own walls and should consider the patient needs, role of providers and how to design pathways and protocols to determine how patient data from the EMR can drive concurrent care and support care.


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