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Healthcare App Innovations

It seems these days there is an app for everything! You can literally download and app to help you cook, manager your expenses, clean, read, and do anything, really. These mobile apps are changing the world and how we function in it. And that includes the healthcare industry! Currently, there is a lot of innovation when it comes to health and hospital apps, as regular people and their doctors use these apps to gain better insight on health issues. These innovative apps have the ability to save us time and money and can even save our lives! Here are health app innovations that are currently revolutionizing the industry:

1. No need for an office visit for instant medical data
Since apps and wearable devices are popular right now, you can easily monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, weight and more and then have that information transmitted to your doctor without having to go into the office to see them. The ability to send instant medical data to your doctor without physically seeing them provides a lot more convenience than ever!

2. Treatment for Alzheimer’s patients
Right now, Alzheimer’s disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S., but mobile apps are now available to provide vital data and offer treatment to those with the disease. And they can also even prevent it, but more studies are being done on that. There are numerous recall game apps that are meant to stimulate the brain activity or prevent the effects of dementia.

3. Reducing wait times and emergency room check-ins
Having to wait at the ER or the doctor’s office can be frustrating, but mobile apps can tackle this problem since they now provide ER wait times for various hospitals across the nation and some hospitals even have their own apps to allow you to check-in before you arrive.

4. Reminders for medication
Health apps that set reminders for medication are changing the way we take necessary meds and can be used to track intake, dosage and notify caregivers if a dosage was missed.

5. Medical advice and assistance
There are many apps out there that give instant medical advance. Such is the case with handy pregnancy apps that guide women throughout their pregnancy. There are also apps that can record and monitor blood sugar levels and send treatment reminders.


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