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The Evolution Of Messaging Within The Healthcare Industry

Like everything else, the healthcare industry has changed over the years, continuously evolving to meet the demands and needs of today’s patients. Thanks to new technology advancements, there are new ways to treat certain ailments, new ways to treat payments and new communication standards and norms.

Back when there were no phones or computers, doctors did house calls on their patients. Then when phones were invented, patients were able to phone in their concerns to their doctors. But it was the introduction of computers that really changed the messaging within the industry. Doctors and patients were able to email each other and now have a myriad of options for patients to communicate with their physicians (as well as administrators, hospitals and peers within the healthcare industry) thanks to things like text messaging, Facebook and other social media channels and platforms.

So does this mean that emails within the industry are now an outdated form of communication?
Actually no. It’s still one of the best forms of communication since everyone still uses their email on a daily basis and it’s become the foundation of communication in a digital age. It’s the first thing people check in the morning when they get out of bed and the last thing they do before they call it a night, so emailing is still important no matter what industry you’re in.

Sure, social media is new and trendy, but the thing is that not everybody has a Facebook page or a Twitter account, yet everyone has an email that they use on the daily. Even older doctors have become accustomed to using their email address on the regular, while they’re a bit weary about joining any social media channels.

Email is thought to be a more professional way to communicate, while social media channels can come off as too unprofessional. Text messaging is usually done if there’s an emergency and requires an immediate response. But shooting an email off is always considered okay no matter of the time of day.

Although email doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon, it’s no substitute for face-to-face conversation and actually interacting with each other, something that’s vital in the healthcare industry. Those in the industry should focus on the clearest mode of communication, whether that’s through email or Facebook messenger.




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