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Does It Matter Where Your Answering Service Is Located?

You probably already know that an answering service can be a convenient and beneficial addition to your business, but do you care where they’re located? Should a call center’s location even matter? Many believe that the setting isn’t relevant since everything happens over the phone. But if you truly care about your organization and business, where your answer service is located should matter!

When The Location Doesn’t Matter

You can get tons of deals on answering services overseas, but you’ll most likely irritate patients. So location doesn’t matter if you don’t want to provide professional communications services to your patients or want to invest in the success of your practice. A low-cost provider overseas will get the job done, but for a cost and that cost will be losing patients who don’t want to speak to someone they can’t understand. Your patients want to talk to someone they can understand and someone who talks proper English and can actually help them. Location doesn’t matter if you don't want your patients talking to professional call center operators, working in a professional environment.

Why Location Matters When Hiring Answering Service Providers

As a healthcare provider, professional phone communication should be of upmost importance to you. That’s why hiring a US-based medical answering service is recommended. You’ll not only get professional call service agents, but you’ll get 24/7 service (if you need it). Onshore answering service locations will remove the challenges of different time zones, cultural misunderstanding and any language issues. Plus, it also increases reliability and stability for your clinic. When hiring an onshore answering service provider, you’re providing effective communication to your patients, thus increasing their satisfaction levels. Office-based staff also provides a more professional atmosphere since agents work in an office and not at home, thus eliminating any unprofessional background noise. Supervisors also monitor staff as a way to ensure high customer service levels are being met, and the entire service meets strict security protocols.

So if you think an answering service’s location doesn’t matter, think again! Be careful when hiring offshore answering service providers because you might be saving money now, but losing money in the long run as patients grow tired of speaking to someone they can’t understand.




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