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4 Difficulties Doctors Face When Implementing New Technologies

Thanks to new advances in technologies these days, many of us can easily work on the go, stay connected no matter where we live and get things done wherever we have Internet connection. These new technologies have no doubt made life and business easier and implementing a few of these technologies into how your practice does business can help the way it operates tenfold. But even though you implement all the latest technologies for your practice, you’re not guaranteed that you’ll be the most efficient care provider around, especially if the technology is not well incorporated into how your practice runs after it’s first implemented. Many practice are actually struggling with various post-implementation challenges and not using new technologies right or to their maximum potential. And some of those challenges have to deal with protecting information that’s then stored on new devices, causing them to establish various mobile security practices to ensure that information is kept private.

Here are a few difficulties that doctors currently face when implementing new technologies:

1. A drop in post-EHR productivity
Many who implemented EHR (electronic health records) are now struggling and the reason why can be attributed to a number of things. It could be because of “reverse delegation” between the nursing support staff and the provider. Delegation isn’t moving in the right direction, which is how you’d want to solve the problem. The best way to overcome this is to come up with a new modified way for nurses to screen materials that come into the EHR so that doctors only get information that needs to be reviewed. This way, modifying EHR to better suit the doctors’ work flow needs.

2. Lack of interoperability between EHRs
With many who find this as a problem, simply stepping up communication with other healthcare systems to work with them to find a solution will help in the future. It’s just all about pushing your partners to find the right solution or pooling resources to find it.

3. A struggle to get patients to use a patient portal
Another challenge is getting patients to sign up and use a patient portal that’s designed to make it easier for them to reach the practice and vice versa. Not using the most of the portal’s capabilities is another huge challenge. It’s best to use teachable moments to promote the portal to patients and then promote its various benefits.

4. Tech security
Regardless of what type of new technology you implement for your practice, tech security is of utmost importance so that everything is kept safe. The best way to ensure this is to do a risk analysis to know where the risks are to your practice and then fix them from there.


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