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Becoming A Patient-Centered Medical Home

Does your facility have what it takes to become a patient-centered medical home?  Let’s just say that it’s not easy to achieve such a coveted Level III NCQA recognition for your health care facility and do get it, you’ll have to have everyone work hard to achieve a steady commitment to continual improvement. And in order to get it, you’ll have to have your entire staff operating at their peak performance and leverage current health IT in order to bring such coordinated, quality health management to your community.

Besides bragging rights, the recognition also has value-based incentives, providing financial success for your practice if the strategies needed to get it are properly implemented. When your practice invests in a quality HER infrastructure, you’ll find it easier to take the steps needed to provide the quality of care that business partners will demand from your practice once patient-centered certified.

Instead of just focusing on patient-centered medical home as the ultimate goal, it’s best to have a more tailored, custom accountable care project for your practice that will provide benchmarks to measure your success on the road to certification. By implementing the necessary workflow changes that support this certification will get you one step closer to it. But know that it might require a small shift in perspective, which can be challenging to some providers who might feel overwhelmed by such basic necessities of providing care to patients.

A “must-pass” requirement is expanding access care, but many practices and organizations find it hard to juggle patient schedules. By allowing same-day appointments, you’ll be able to reduce care barriers and be more efficient when it comes to care.

Also, being open to EHRs and adopting them will also get you closer to certification. And not having them is being behind the times in healthcare, which is why it’s vital to have it implemented into your practice. 

If your organization sees challenges, remember to take it slow and steady when transforming the organization to have a workflow aligned with what it takes to get certified. Small changes are easier to implement and adjust to, so they won’t be some major shift in your workflow.

So what are the important takeaways if you want to become a patient-certified medical home? Get an HER, work with business partners who invest in your practice’s wellbeing, start slow and simply have realistic goal. Then when you achieve them, set new ones and so on. And if you can, get a consultant to help you along the way to make sure you are doing everything right.


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