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5 Tips For Finding A Great Answering Service Company

You’ve done your research, ran the numbers and have settled on the fact that your practice could use a bit of extra help when it comes to the phones, appointments and off-hour calls and are now on the hunt for a reliable answering service company. But with so many options out there, how do you go about figuring out the best company for your practice? Easy, simply read our tips for finding a great answering service company!

  1. Figure out what services you need

In order to find the right answering service company, you’ll need to first figure out what sort of services your practice needs or requires. You might just want the bare essentials and just someone to handle calls or you might need help with scheduling, after-hour help or more. Once you’ve figured out this, you can now start researching the best companies that offer exactly what you need.

  1. Call center location

You’ll definitely want to consider only those companies that have call centers in the U.S. or in Canada and not international ones that might not provide the best customer service you’ll want for your practice. International ones might be cheaper, but the level of quality might not be what you want.

  1. Customizable for your practice

Some practices have specific needs and yours might be one of them, so you’ll need customizable services. Some answering companies may or may not provide this, but the ones that do are worth the money and can make all the difference to your practice and its reputation.

  1. Legal issues

You’ll definitely want to make sure that the answering service you hire is HIPPA compliant so that your practice doesn’t get in trouble with fines and the like. You’ll also want to ensure that you run everything pass your own legal team so that everything is done correctly and legally.

  1. Quality

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals so that you can get an account of their services from others who have used them before. This way, you’re better informed when it comes to choosing the right company for your practice.

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