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5 Digital Innovation Priorities For Hospitals

The healthcare industry is always on the lookout for breakthrough ideas when it comes to new digital technologies to incorporate. These new digital innovations will help with a number of things, including patient satisfaction and more. Many health organizations have already tied in digital innovations into their current strategies, and will continue to do so in their long-term ones. And this is a good thing since digital innovation can be a huge element when it comes to having a competitive advantage. Here are five key digital innovation priorities for hospitals:

Referral management

Matching the right patient to the right physician can be crucial to customer service and how they are treated, so new technologies in this area are key. If applications that automatically did this were around, hospitals will be able to provide better customer service, thus having happier patients, which will increase their in-network retention.

Patient-generated data and more customized services

It’s all about the patient for hospitals and so many are looking for the right data that will aid in improving how their overall patient experience is. They also want digital innovations that will improve the quality of care. By knowing these sorts of things, hospitals will be able to give patients the type of experience they want from their physician and the rest of the hospital staff.

Network management

Hospitals continue to take on increased financial risks and are looking for digital solutions that will help them on this matter. Being able to weather financial risks is vital to a hospital’s success so the more help they can get, the better in the long run.

Convenient access for patients

As patient demands continue to rise, so does the need to meet those needs so hospitals are constantly looking for solutions to help them meet this demand. Telemedicine options are becoming increasingly popular and used, but hospitals are also looking for other options to incorporate into their services.

Improving the whole patient journey

Social community support is important for hospitals that really want to improve the entire journey a patient experience while there, starting from care coordination all the way to outcomes and discharges.


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